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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi



                              MISS ANGEL AND MISS DEVIL



      Alternative Name: N/A



        Demographic: Shoujo Ai



        Genre(s): Comedy, Fantasy, Yuri, Webcomic



       Author(s): MAEU Malgeum



       Artist(s): MAEU Malgeum



      Available: Manhwa



      Type: manhwa



       Summary: The story of angels who don't behave like angels and devils who are kinder than them. A new romance begins! Original Webcomic


     PPOV (Personal Point Of View): Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing good today and are having a good time because I'm happy to be here today, do you know why? What am I thinking you obviously don't haha😅, okay then, this is because I can finally celebrate this ARTICLE to be my 100th post on this BLOG!🙉🎉🎊🙊


        Seriously thanks to all of you, without you, I don't think I will have the motivation to continue and having fun as I do with this blog. Really thank you.


        Okay now, let's go back to business. So to celebrate this day, I decided to present to you this AWESOME manhwa that I searched for SO LONG (trust me I did), I went to Spanish to German and I finally found the English version, that I am enjoying now.


         And now I am so proud to present it to you;


        Firstly the storyboard, it's just wonderful to see an interaction between Angels and Demons despite what those Holy books or those fables tell us. Our journey leads us to our main characters Shan, Hari, Hiskaya and Haki, whom we will follow in their different lives as Demons and Angels, the story has a lot of ups and downs concerning the characters and you get attached to the cold Shan as much as the super-sensitive Haki.


      Secondly, the characters, as I said above, we follow 4 people and each of them has a unique character, the can be as Perverted as the most awful of all the succubus or can be as bold and expressive as a cupcake gangster. This story is really full of different other characters, the more we go the more they become interesting and as always the fun is always advisable to be included.


     Especially when you have battles and enemies lurking around, monsters and other dangerous creatures can be found in this manhwa, but beware of those who you can't see, you may be surprised of how easily they could kill you.


      Anyway, that's all for me today, hope you enjoyed this article today and that you'll go and check it out on your usual manga reader. Oh before I forget, this story is also full of sadness and loneliness, ENJOY! so, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more news about post update and maybe help me chose on which article will be put on my blog. Until then, I will see you for another discovery.


             Thank you and see ya!!!


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