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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi

A Swift Move For A New Year...

        First I want to say hello, it has sure been a while since the last time I wrote to you and for you a long time since you read something on this blog.

      For those who were worried, no I didn’t die because of the pandemic nor did I stop writing during that long hiatus end of 2020.

      However, I did take a break away from social media due to various different issues. Essentially my mental state worsen during the pandemic and let’s say academics didn’t help much, so I ended up having a burnout by the end of 2021. Engineering school is no joke friend, I can tell you that.

         Anyway, a lot happen during this pass year and today I came back to announce two great news, one that I qualify as a bad one and the other as a good one, but your thoughts could be different on that.

          Well since I can’t exactly ask you directly which one should I start with, I’m going to cut the pear in half and start with the bad news first;

1- Let’s go straight to the point and not turn around the bush, this is the end of the adventure for this blog. It pains me to say that because I’ve been doing this for over 4+ years now, but every good story has to come to an end.

          This blog taught me so much and helped me know who I am, it followed me in this incredible journey of discoveries through out the internet and thanks to that, someone like you could read these posts and hopefully it brought more joy to your boring days.

        Now that the bummer news has been thrown out, I can now bring in the great news that hopefully will rejoice many of you...

2- I HAVE OPENED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL, yes I know, CRAZY RIGHT? but no joke here, I actually opened it not so long ago and I am working my head around it to actually make it more beautiful than it already is.

So, what will you find there? well, first of all ;

  • You will finally be able to put a voice to the person behind this blog
  • You will find much more critics on anime series and movies a brand new format and directly interact with me on all the different videos.
  • Obviously, we can’t just talk about Yuri and Yaoi anime series without playing some games of the genre to spice things up a little and enjoy our lazy days even more.
  • And so many more...

I haven’t filmed all my best creations yet, but do not worry there are yet to come in the future and it is bound to be a new incredible adventure that I am excited to do with you.

Anyway, now that I have finally unleash the spiciest news, don’t hesitate to join the crew by clicking HERE. I will be excited to see you back in the train to tea land once again and this time with brand new surprises awaiting each one of you.

I’ll be looking forward to our next interactions, this is all for me today and on this blog, hope you will or are having a good day.

Peace and Love XOXO

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