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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi



               Hello gang, hope you all save in this very hard period. Today is a special day because I’ll introduce to you another concept on this blog. Yeah, I know another one, but promise this time is different.


                Let me explain...


                The concept is simple, it’s called DISCOVERY OF THE DAY in short DD; it’s about presenting to you on a randomise scale a new piece of art that I fall upon during my everyday research…


                   Each article will contain a small but detailed description of the GL or BL, the story, the author, were you can find it, in what format etc. Small details will be added depending on how fruitful my research will be.


                     Anyway, that’s it for the presentation for this new concept. With time you will sure to understand it more. For now, let me not waste your time any longer and let’s run right into the subject matter.


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             Hey again, for the first article of a million series, I’m presenting to you one hell of a special love story or is it?


              Here we are following the story of two Umbrellas, yeah, you read it right. This story is about two umbrellas falling in love, even though it feels more like they are brutally flirting with each other occasionally…


              With the black umbrella being shy every time the white umbrella approaches her a little too much.😏


              | Alternative names are | ;


                | The Author’s name is | : Aman (  )


                |Gender of the Author|: Male


                |Chapters available/Updated |: 8 Chapters (Ongoing)


                |Where can you find this manhua|: Sadly the only place where you can find this is on non-official websites that translated the story in English or if you prefer you can read it on Chinese website like Bilibili. (All links will be given down below)

               If you understand Chinese, I highly advise you to go and read it on Chinese websites, there are even audio versions available.


Well, that’s everything I can say concerning this manhua. For now, it isn’t finished, but it’s definitely growing strong in people minds. So, stay tuned for any other ore longer update about this manhua on this blog.

               All other information is down below, feel free to check them out if you are interested in this manhua. It was my pleasure to introduce this to you😊


Link to all the different chapters translated + all the different Chinese audios that have been made until now: The Umbrella Series


The authors Weibo : Aman Weibo


               For professional contact or just to talk you can reach me through contact@bustajungle.com

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Peace and Love

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