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            I'll be lying if I say that this moment wasn't awaited, prayed for by thousands of people around the world.

             Some of us did a lot of sleepless night during this year, waiting, luring in the dark for this moment. A lot of eyesights were sacrificed, a lot of social circles were cut off, just so that you wouldn't miss this fabulous event.

              So, now here it is. The long-awaited kiss of one gorgeous webtoon.

              You got it right, I'm talking about the one and only Mage and Demon Queen by our favourite Color_LES.

               Although, we were all waiting for this great instant were our dear Malorie will be swept away by her adorable Queen Vel with a kiss to be remembered, this moment also sign a piece of unwanted news that is becoming more and more real with time.

                With the two finally clear with their feelings and a dragon hunter on the loose in the city. We are unfortunately reaching the end and climax of season 2 of this incredible series.

                 Unfortunately, I am not here to tell you what to expect for the next upcoming 2 chapters, because this time instead of using FastPass to have an advantage on everyone, I want to savour the wait and end this webtoon with the respect it deserves. 

                  Nonetheless, if you feel like it's too much of a trouble to wait and see, please I happily encourage you to go and push that coin bottom and bless your eyes with the desired truth.


                   Anyway, that's it for me today. I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I'll definitely see you for the review of season 2. Take care of yourself, hope you enjoyed this short moment together. 

                  I'll see you on my Youtube channel and Here next week, so don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter and my channel.

                                                                    Peace and Love

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