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           I thought I was going to become crazy, that all of this was just going on in my head and that I'll not be able to bring it up to you on time. However, I'm now happy to finally introduce to you this amazing information on Pet's Aesthetics by Team Gaji.


            First of all, a little INFO moment for those who have no idea of what I'm talking about. Okay, for the newbie, PA (Pet's Aesthetics) is a Manhwa written by none other than Team Gaji, the author of What Does The Fox Say? (WDTFS).


            This manhwa was started and finished in 2018 and we follow our two protagonists Cha-UI and Ju-ah. Two childhood friends that have a lot to talk about and A LOT to explore because they are "bored".


           Anyway, go and read it and if you want me to do an article on it (even if I already did one, but it will be an updated version), you just have to make a request on my Tippee and I'll be glad to do another one fresh and new for you my friend.



           Well, now I can talk about what I came here for. Which is announcing the release of the new Yuri MMV on my YouTube channel on obviously Pet's Aesthetics.

            Also, for the record. I did two other Yuri MMV that are quite interesting. You should go and check them out, promise you will not be deceived. 


             Anyway, that's it for me today. I just came by to pour you this good news and I hope you enjoyed this short moment together. As usual, I'll see you on Saturday either on my Youtube Channel or on Busta Jungle and exclusively in my Tippee.


            Don't hesitate to throw me a Tip if you like what I offer you and I'll see you next Saturday for another discovery.

                                                                   Peace and Love



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