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         If you are like me right now and you are also stuck at home doing more or less nothing or even if you are a college student and you are being bombarded with assignments and last year projects for your school, that means you are probably filled with stress and anxiety at the moment. Of course, in this case, you need a little reliever for some minutes just to catch your breath and relieve your mind from your studies or whatsoever that may be causing you stress at the moment.

         What if I tell you I have a solution for your misery. I know what you are about to say, what is this good old aunty Kayfrid babbling about this time. And well, you are right to ask yourself that question, but before you throw a rock at me, listen to what I have to say.

         Right now, you are probably feeling frustrated because of the fact that your boss is taking advantage of the situation by sending you plenty of work to do with impossible deadlines to respect, or you are perhaps a student who is struggling with tons of assignments to realise, accompanied by stressful tests being scheduled at a lot of unreasonable days and you just feel to stress rise up and by then think that you are too busy to pick up your phone and read one manhwa that will change your mood and your working experience entirely.

         I know what you are going through because I am going through that same phase right now. I know all about the late-night revision that will make you sacrifice your sleep time just so that you could finish a chapter and be knocked out the next day during the test that you fought so hard last night to just put a single definition into your head.

         For how you are going to handle your organisation and all that you have to do to stay productive, I’ll talk about it in the near future. But concerning the stress reliever that you need to calm your nerve down during your time of hustle, I have exactly what you need in my magic bag and this is the same manhwa that I am reading at the moment.

         The manhwa that I am about to present to you is called Living Will by Mino and Jiho. It’s a manhwa that I have been revolving around for a while and as you all know by now, my only purpose with this blog is to help you reach out to manhwa/manga/manhua and even anime that are not accessible to everyone. And today this a kind of manhwa that I was looking forward the discovering in my life and that I hope will bring you curiosity and relaxation. In this article I will analyse the 2 first chapters of the manhwa, so enjoy this small chit chat and at the end of this article I’ll be telling you the few steps to take to have access to this pure beauty.

         The whole manhwa starts up a little strange; it feels as if we are in a horror movie, there is this gloomy atmosphere that is hanging all over the pages and that gives a kind of sense of insecurity during the lecture. But it keeps you captivated. I know it’s weird, but that’s exactly what I am saying. The whole manhwa is weird, even so, it still gives you the will to browse it all to the end to find out what is waiting for you.

         The spatiotemporal framework takes place in the Victorian time, this is a news that will delight all the fans of that era. I’m not personally a fan of any era in particular so that wasn’t really the main point why I was amazed by this manhwa. So, you can directly remove that from your list. The main reason why I gave up my soul for this manhwa is mostly because of the reasons I told you above. This manhwa graphic design, storytelling and character development is just astonishing. It literally screams a what else commercial.

         I talked about the graphic design earlier and I wasn’t joking. Meet Janet, Janet is an assassin. But it is not the fact that she is an assassin that makes her character cool enough to pierce your soul with just her gaze. No, it is actually the how and why she became an assassin that is more exciting and thrilling to find out. Behind those dark blue ocean eyes are hiding a horrible secret that has yet to be seen before.

         I would like to say, her character makes the story. She is the living gloomy and serious atmosphere that the story is being surrounded with. She never smiles and if you get the chance to see it happen, never will you still be alive to see that again. She is definitely a living beast, waiting in the shadows to kill you in your sleep.

         Despite that, the fact that Janet is the only main character of the story would be too good to be through. There’s, in fact, another pearl to this story;

         Meet Jeanne, a prostitute. That’s right, I told you this story is not going to be like any others that you have been reading before. I’ll characterise her as beautiful and pure. Unlike other stereotypical representation of a prostitute, she is definitely more jovial and well-maintained than others. And I think that’s part of why I appreciate this manhwa, we don’t have the awful look that the society has about a prostitute. You will perhaps tell me that this is because we are in the Victorian age or something, and with that idea, I’ll agree with you. but the way the author drew and wrote the story, it made it more splendid than it would have been if the author took the real image that we had about them in real life. Make no mistake, I’m not saying that this story is a prostitute friendly and that you will not have any discrimination against them in the future chapters.

         I’m just saying that for the time being, it is all flowers and rainbows, but beware you, readers, starting to become at ease with the idea that nothing is going to ruin the peaceful meeting of our two characters here above. There will obviously be a despicable character for you to hate on. Common, without that, it wouldn’t make it a great story.

         Alright, why should you read this manhwa then?

          Why this manhwa and not something else that just has a similar touch to it. It is simple. You are going through a phase of constant isolation leading to a repeated same routine. I like to say that by getting out of your comfort zone you may discover a whole other world out of your bubble. I’m obviously not the one who invented that metaphor, but I like to appropriate it to my own personality and that’s what you should also do. Get rid of all your stress for just a sec, take a minute out of your dome and explore the emotional possibilities that this manhwa can offer you.

         What will you lose exactly that you haven’t already while struggling your head through your book a thousand time? Take a break and enjoy a moment of no regret for once. You are already losing on a lot of chapters, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers.


         Well, that’s it for me today. I hope you liked this short moment together. Go and grab your chance to be relieved of all stress, you may not see the greater good now. But aren’t we all like that at the beginning. My job is to serve you and bring to you the best pearl that I can find in the ocean of manhwa out there. Don’t miss your chance to read them. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be notified when I post a new article, follow me on my twitter account Kayfrid Memory where you can ask me a direct question and I’ll answer you and let’s see each other next Saturday for another discovery.

                                    Peace and Love

PS: Keep an eye on this picture in the story, you would be surprise about the mystery hidden behind.😏

Manhwa source: Living Will

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