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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi



            It is actually 3:20 am by the time I am writing this article, I am gently seated on my couch in my house. Thinking how lucky I am to be part of the privilege that has a garden and a soft bed to sleep on every night.


            But, do not worry, I am not here to talk to you about morals and the fact that you should be grateful to God or whatever entity you believe in for everything you have...


            No, I actually came here today to write about something important that will help you have more fun reading your favourite manhwa.


           This will be a way for you to read a manhwa, analyse it and share the details with a friend and other people that have similar taste as you without being obliged to include any spoilers inside your message.


           Isn't it fun to share the same passion with someone and feel excited about each new chapters that are being updated? feeling the thrill of the excitement together whenever a character that you both like do something silly.


           Feel sad together when you hear the manga was put on hiatus (postponed). Feel happy because you know your top manga is going to have an anime version and like that it would be able to touch a lot of people.


          Yes, that's the excitement I'm talking about. That same excitement that makes you feel unbeatable in a conversation when a subject you know well comes up.


           Well, what if I tell you there was ways for you to trigger such excitement in your friend and that the only thing you have to do is to click on a button and that's it.

           If you are interested, keep that curiously up and 

Click here if you want to know more


           Okay, let's come back to what I said earlier about relaxing and being grateful about life and all. To tell you the truth, I was lying before.


             I'm am not relaxed right now, it's actually far from that. I am stress as crazy because of the situation we are living in and also the fact that I have a lot of work to do for my college.


            Well, all the work that I have to deal with up for the two weeks that are coming are just way too much for me. So, I had an idea...


              Instead of pouring you a random manhwa, very badly written that you will probably not like to read and that I'll surely not like to write either. Why don't I ask you what you want me to write about?


               Like, what exactly do you want to read on this blog? You will tell me the name of the manhwa/manga/manhua or anime and give me a short critic of 3oo words max


              This is at the same time a way for you to have an Avant première of the different advantages of accessing my services directly. Take it as a bonus😉.


              And since I wouldn't be able to go read out any manhwa for a while, you will be my heroes if you help me out and get to action to make everyone that comes on this blog to be happy and be able to have a good time.


             Now, it's your time to come act. I count on you to react massively into the comments, I absolutely need your help people. Thanks in advance to everyone who will participate.


Peace and Love

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