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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi



                   The Fairy is Gone, your fairy tale is gone and all the busy time that you had IS LONG GONE. It’s finally settled, you have to stay at home and watch over the security and safety of everyone around you. You actually have nothing else to do at home than watching YouTube, Netflix or any streaming planform that you are subscribed right now.


                   So, yeah you are probably thinking that this is fun and that it would be a great opportunity to finally start Game of Throne or finish the last season of The 100 and you know what you are right. This is the only chance you will have to watch all your favourite show, but the real issue is are you watching the right show? because yes that’s a problem. A lot can happen is you are not watching the perfect show for this perfect occasion;


                   You could be stuck with anxiety with a show that doesn’t make sense and make you feel bad about yourself, you could be trapped in your room unemotional about a series you have started just a few days ago and asking yourself why are you even watching it. You could be stuck in a cycle where you are just watching the same thing over and over because you have nothing else to do. The fact that you are stuck inside can break your sense of joy and you could end up hating a show that you loved before.

                   I know what I am saying because that’s what I was doing in this past few days, I was watching this horrible show called Azur Lane, that made no sense at all. It was a blast of what the fucking and I did not grasp even one bit of what the show was talking about or what they wanted me to understand. It was so bad I decided to make videos of my reactions and post it on my YouTube channel, you can go and check my channel in the following days for their upload. After that great deception, I decided to check for another show that will be worth my time and my energy and in this perilous adventure, I finally found it…

                   I found the chosen one, the one and only anime that will satisfy my appetite and revive the soul that I lost during this tough journey, I first thought that it was a mirage, that it was just an illusion and that all the beauty that I was seeing was just there to lure me into a trap that I will never be able to get out of. So, despite all the criticism, I decided to still give it a chance and I open my heart to Fairy Gone, a world where fairies exist and where they are can possess animals. At that moment you can already feel like something is about to go down. The humans capture those possess animal to kill them and remove their organs to implant them into soldiers to produce fairy soldiers with tremendous powers. Yep, you read it well, they transformed human being into weapons, but obviously, the war in which they were sent eventually come to an end and all the fairy soldiers have to integrate back the society and obviously all the trauma that will come with it.


                   In the story, we are following Marlya Noel (on the left), a girl that was known to be a cursed child in her village and who is travelling around the world to find her childhood friend Veronica Thorne (on the right), known as the lucky kid. God, the adventure that they went through is enormous.


                       We have a lot of flashbacks on each of our characters that will help us to grow closer to the different characters that exist in this story and obviously more closer to our two main characters. At the beginning of the series you have a feeling of laziness because everything is going at a really slow pace and in consequence you are waiting for the action to start and make your day more enjoyable.

                   After waiting a whole two episode, you finally have it. The long-awaited fighting scenes, that scene that you were excitedly waiting for and holding your teddy so tight it’s head could explode of all the pressure. The moment is there  Veronica  and Free  are starting to fight, you are proud to be alive to witness such instance and the result is… deceiving. Season one has a lot of critics because despite how AWESOME the story sounds, the fighting scenes that we were expecting wasn’t that promised. And I think that was a major downer to the whole first scenes.

                   Hopefully, the catastrophic action was well held up by Marlya and her desperate wants to reunite with her friend. In h-all those attempts that Marlya  puts into this anime, I recognise myself in her so much, the clumsiness of her effort in bringing back a friend that doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, the fighting spirit that she has despite the fact that everyone in her village isolate her from any social activities. The only different between me and Marlya is that, she succeeded in bringing back her friend to her senses, something that I couldn’t afford to do myself and for that I am so proud I watch this anime and that I had the opportunity to see her grow into a fine woman and a very courageous character.


                   She did as a friend what I wish I should have done at that time for mine, it’s true I tried to reunite with my friend and despite my numerous attempts, it didn’t reach them one bit. But I am not sad about that, it helped me have a better relationship with my new friends and I definitely want to cherish all this precious time that we have together. I’ve learned from my past mistakes and thanks to Marlya, I’ve now learned that was the right thing to do.

                   This story is definitely not completely bad, entering season two we have a great sight of all the improvement that Suzuki Kenichi did after all the criticism in the previous season and GOD you can sense the improvement right at the beginning it. As I like to say, there is always room for improvement and the only way you can change your failures is by practising and making your weakness into your strength. And that’s exactly what Suzuki Kenichi did in this part two.

They went on fire with the announce of the new war and in this part two, we can finally see all the great fairy soldiers fight with their sacred weapon and obviously ALL THEIR COOL MOVES.

No worries, the adoration around our two cute girls aren’t finished yet. They are actually during all those time fighting their own war with their past and the culprit who killed all their people. The bond between those two is so strong is amazing to watch, I would have never guessed that I will feel attached to those two this fast, despite how slow the show was at the beginning of the series. But I got to admit they got me, they have me fully trapped in and I am proud to be part of this new adventure.


            The only thing that I regret is that we didn’t have more inside on the trauma that Free went through after the war, it was a bit too fast solved and we didn’t have time to kind of feel sorry for him and for his lost, which is actually the total opposite with his friend Wolfred with whom we had the opportunity to have empathy for him and for all what he went through after war. Besides that I feel like it was a great story and that it was worth the detour.

                   If you haven’t started watching this yet, know that you are missing on a lot of unique stuff, you will never have the opportunity to relate to Marlya on a deeper level and because of that you will be excluded of conversation that will turn around this series, you will never experience the distress of all the characters, that will have a strong impact on you. enough of an impact for you to talk about and again you will miss an incredible show because you aren’t willing to get out your comfort zone and try something new.

                   There’s hope for you if you want to watch this anime if you want to join the group of those who felt this deeper connexion and that can live to talk about it. You can live it if you just click on the link down below. That is a link that will directly bring you to the page were the anime is streamed legally and where you will be able to watch it for FREE. So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go and immediately click on that link and enjoy the experience. That’s it for me today, hope you enjoyed this short moment together and I’ll see you next Saturday for another discovery.

            Peace and Love

Anime source: Fairy Gone

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