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                   Expected questions on either you should start reading Daily Witch, the first manhwa of Sungwon or not tent this unknown adventure that would probably turn into an absolute bad experience. You probably already head some rumours on this manhwa or maybe you already have your expectations and just want them confirm or PERHABS you are just searching for something to read during a trip or your free time (knowing that I am writing this article during the crisis of the now very know pandemic coronavirus. So, yes you will have a lot of free time). Either way, no matter why you are here I’ll deliver to you right now the different reasons why you will regret or enjoy your reading experience about the Daily Witch. Hello, my name is Kayfrid, welcome to this new discovery and today we will analyse the whole manhwa of the dear author Sungwon to tell you what to expect if you want to read or are starting to read the story ahead.


                   Before some few words for the new commers. This content will contain a lot of spoilers even though I’ll try my optimum best not to spoil a lot an give you an incredible experience to be engaged to go and read it later. So, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Well, without further due, let’s begin this case for the future HATERS and LOVERS.

                   Firstly, you need to know that Daily Witch was written in the year 2015 by Sungwon.  This was actually his first manhwa (a manhwa is the Korean version of a manga with coloured pages instead of black and white and it is read like normal books, from right to left). If the name kind of sound familiar to you (or you are like me and you don’t have a very performant memory) it’s fine. Well this is the person who wrote the incredible yuri manhwa Elexir, story that came out in 2017 and had a huge success up until the end of the of volume 2.

                   In Daily Witch we are following the story of sorcerers living in our modern live where magic is no longer needed and their place in the society has really lost the impact that they had before. Now they are not so different than humans. That's why Misty leads a normal life with her fellow witches, Eve and Baba Yaga, while earning her living as a BL genre comic artist. One day, a mysterious group kidnaps Misty and suddenly their life becomes "abnormal"!.

                   Yep, that’s were all the trouble begin and where we will be introduce to a lot of other new characters that will be at the same time tremendously annoying as lovable. Talking about the characters, let’s start by analysing them will you;

Starting from the right, we have Gretel, I like to consider her the Dora the explorer of the group. She’s the one always out, always on the move and she definitely has a very warm aura and personality. She’s with no doubt one of my favourite character and one that has quite an impact on the story behind the scenes.


Next we have Misty, the mangaka of the story and the one that stays the most at home. She is specialise in yaoi (no kidding) and is quite good at it. (at least for the few samples that was shown to us in the manhwa). Coming after, we have the kind of main character and the most annoying one of the story, Eve. She is in reality a demon thinking that she’s a witch, because she’s been living with witches like forever. Not being able to have majesties powers like all the other witches, she tent to have a tremendous amount low esteem about herself. But this is not the reason why I “hate” this character. Oh no my dear, the reason doesn’t completely even concern her. Actually, because of her low esteem she believes she’s not part of the family and that she is alone in the world. I have nothing against this type of ideas or even topic, being depressed myself I totally understand the feeling of not belonging. BUT, I felt like the character was childish in her behaviour, it was almost suffocating to read the manhwa and see how pitiful she was in persisting with the idea that no one loves her and that she doesn’t have anywhere or anyone to call family. it’s as if we have to reassure her all the time. Don’t tell me that there are mentally ill people that actually do like her and victimise themselves every single minutes of their existence (here I’m talking about cases related to depression).


                   If you want to read this manhwa, you have to be ready to feel annoyed by Eve some times. Hopefully, the story doesn’t centred on her because if it did, I would have shot a bullet through my brain right the way. Next we have, the ONLY, the MARVELOUS, the FANTASTIQUE Baba Yaga. By now, you surely have understood that she is my FAVOURITE of all the characters in this story.

                       No one is as strong as this wonderful women here, she’s with no doubt one of the most IMPORTANT and POWERFUL of all the characters of this story. You will sure agree with the fact that Baba Yaga  is the most feared of all the witches and there’s an obvious reason why is that. But that you will discover in the story for all  the new readers out there. This reason is one of the most important of the story and definitely a pleasing revelation. She’s for sure the main reason why you will like Daily Witch.

                    There are many other characters that will influence your reading, but we will talk about that later; now let’s give some words about the art and panels of the manhwa. As the first manhwa of Sungwon, I originally wasn’t expecting anything exceptional at first and then I started reading it, I will not lie. I was surprised and disappointed about the art. But after reading 4 chapters, I got use to it and I even want to say that I appreciated seeing it all the time. Personally, I feel that the author brought a different touch to the usual manhwa that I was use to read. I love the art, but the panels are still a little childish. I know, I get it, it’s his first manhwa, he didn’t have any experience at the time and we definitely saw that growing experience in Elixir (if you want to know what I thought about this manhwa, you can check the link below).


                   To summarise, Daily Witch will bring you a lot of frustration, partly because of the fan service that is included in the book. When I talk about fan service, I’m talking about the relationship between two girls (I’ll not give the names), but I feel like their relationship was forced and truthfully unnecessary. There’s literally no reason for those two characters to be together, one is desperate to belong and exist in someone else world and the other one is just a psycho that need attention and (pardon my words) a master to constantly guide her. On the other side, Daily Witch will bring you joy and relieve, because despite the lack of character development you can still feel attached to the characters and their different personalities and why not, the story.


                   For the conclusion, what I can remember from this story is that it was a great experience to see the path that Sungwon went through before doing Elixir, even though Daily Witch wasn’t an absolute perfection I still recommend it. It’s an experience to live, it’s something to be done and acknowledge as it is. The first manhwa of Sungwon. So, if you want to read it. Please do so and enjoy your experience, either it will be a bad or a good one. You will remember it and share your opinion with others. Personally, I advise to read it, so that you will be able to make your own opinion, take actions to know the future.

                   One last word, it is needed to tell you that I LOVE THE SUCCUBUS, she is by far the best and the most coherent character of all this volumes. Well, that’s it for me people. Hope you enjoyed this article and the short moment we spent together, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to be notify for each article posting before everyone and I’ll see you soon next Saturday for another discovery.

                                           Peace and Love


Manhwa source: Daily Witch

Manhwa direct: Elixir

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