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                I woke up this morning not very happy (I’m not really a morning person) and decided to open my curtain for this new NORMAL day that has begun. After a good shower, I decide to open my phone and see what’s new on Instagram (IG), well guess what popped up right at the moment I opened my feed. VALENTIN’S DAY, EVERY SINGLE POST WERE ABOUT VALENTIN’S DAY and Jesus I’ve never seen so many people talking about a normal day for this long. But what caught my attention was kind of a remember of an anime that I saw last year, quite an amazing love anime called Kimi No Hikari: Asagao To Kase-San by Hiromi Takashima.

                Hello everyone, my name is Kayfrid’s memory and today I’ll present to you this beautiful anime that I wish all of you could watch on this day of love and peace. This anime is definitely the definition of love and peace and you should without a doubt watch it either you are single or in a relationship. There are no boundaries for this beauty in this world.     

                In this anime, we are following our beautiful two protagonist Yamada a member of the greenery committee and Kase a member of the track team. Their story starts like any other, they begin as strangers and slowly grow closer and closer as time pass by. Notice that I’m talking about the movie of 1+ hour here and not about the promotional video of at least 5 mins, I’m talking about the real thing. And since I have only watched the movie and never read the manga, I can not really position myself to say if the manga is better or worst than the animated version.

                Nonetheless, what I can tell you is that; the characters are cute and very adorable. Well it is true that there’s not much of character development and everything is kind of going a little too fast, which is obviously expected coming from a movie of about an hour. But still I feel like some improvement could have been done in the development of the characters even if it was risking having a movie of about 2 hours, it would have definitely be more <<dynamique>> and far more touching than what they gave us.


                Not that I disliked the movie, I actually appreciated every bits of if it, it was cute to watch, the graphics were beautifully made and the story was amazingly told, despite how short the movie was and the how not elaborated the characters story was depicted. I’m still fine with the story, the end was beautiful.

                I wish I knew this story earlier in my life, my school life coud have been less boring and I would have certainly wished for a love like Yamada and kase-san in my life. Watching this anime reminded me of another cute story called Bloom into you. An anime that is also a manga, but I’m more familiar with the manga even though I love the anime they are doing of the series.


                Anyway, I was happy to talk to you about this anime on this beautiful day and I wish you will go and watch it cause it is definitely worth the detour. Hope you liked this short moment together, if you want to read other articles like this one, you can subscribe on my newsletter and come back next Saturday (or special day).

                                                                Peace and Love

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