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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi


         Kon’nichiwa, today we are starting hard. Back to school means for some people back to prison and to a system of grades that will determine your future. And you know what, this is what the anime N° 6 is all about. Hello everyone, my name is Kayfrid’s Memory and welcome to Busta Jungle.

           We start strong into N° 6 right at the beginning, gun shooting, heavy rain, screaming. Everything to put you right into the mood of this world filled with rules and restrictions. In this anime we follow the adventure of Shion and Nezumi, who meet into strange circumstances that will sealed their fate. I personally find this anime so good, at first I was searching for a normal yaoi and in that regard I was expecting the same for this new anime that I discovered through a friend. BUT big surprise, N° 6 went way over my expectations. I loved the fact that there was a real storyline going on, you know those usual anime were the story doesn’t matter
and the characters are just looking forward to have sex in 

EVERY PLACES IMAGINABLE. Yep, those stories. That’s what N° 6 isn’t, Number 6 is a mix of matrix and Hokuto no Ken (for those who knows). 

            I got to say, I’ve never been so happy to watch a shonen-ai at a point were I was really connected with the characters. There was definitely a bond that was made and that was broken. From beginning to end I went from what is going on to Hell yeah to no, don’t do that. It was a real roller-coaster of emotions for me. I most of all appreciated the universe in which our heroes was evolving.


          But do not worry you will still have your little boy love (BL) in the story and trust me that will be a very romantic evolution and romance to watch.

           Anyway, you better go and watch it if you don’t want to miss one hell of an experience. That’s it for me today, subscribe if you want to read more articles like this one, check out my other articles and hope to see you for another discovery.
       Summary: The story takes place in a dystopian
city known as "No.6". Shion, a boy raised in the elite and privileged environment of his home, gives shelter to another boy, who only gives his name as "Nezumi" (or "Rat") on the former's twelfth birthday. What Shion soon discovers is how drastically life will change after meeting with the mysterious Nezumi, with whom he had shared one unforgettable, stormy night.
                                      Peace and Love
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