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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi




    Alternative Name: 그들의 사정, Their circumstances (sria)
     Demographic: Shounen Ai
     Genre(s): Drama, Romance
     Author(s): Sria
    Artist(s): Chahyun
    Available : Manhwa & Lezhin
    Type: Manhwa
      Summary: Whether it is a fantasy or a real ghost, Hyunwoo keeps seeing Jihye, his dead girlfriend whom he dated for 10 years. The car accident happened right in front of him, and from that day on wards, he lived the life of a hopeless nut job. Hyunwoo's mother, who's on the verge of giving up, decides to set him up for a blind date. Things happen and Hyunwoo agrees to meet the woman his mother set him up with. Her name is Jimin and she turns out to be a dead ringer for Jihye. Rattled, Hyunwoo gets drunk and keeps on overlapping Jihye's image with Jimin's. Until finally, in his confusion, he kisses Jimin. Will Hyunwoo realize Jimin's deepest secret? What will happen if he finds out about it?
       PPOV(Personal Point Of View): Hello dear Busta Gang, hope you all good, nice to see you again and today I'm introducing Story of our lives by Sria & Chahyun to you.

         Well, where to start? Where to start without making any spoilers because HELL THIS MANHWA IS GOOD AND LITTERALLY MIND BLOWING. Mmm... friends I'm trying to put words here, this shit has just ruined my mind and TRUST ME not in the bad way. Let me explain myself;

        I will not waste time explaining to you what this story is about, you surely read the summary up above and already know what its about. So, I'll go straight to the point, and I will start with a question; HOW THE FUCK DID THE AUTHOR WRITE THIS STORY? Is like nothing makes sense and at the same time EVERYTHING makes sense, like you start with the first three chapters with the idea that you are understanding what's going on and next minute you know, you have all your thoughts mixed up like a house in a tornado. Like this manhwa is really something, the feeling of desperation, happiness, trust that you feel at the same time as the main character is what keeps you for the next chapters.

       You will love it, hate it, insult it, throw your phone away, just because this manhwa will confuse you to the core and the worst is that YOU WILL STILL WANT MORE. You will want to know what will happen in the next chapters, you will want to continue and read the next pages with the apprehension that if you blink you may miss something important that will help you to understand the manhwa even more. AND THAT MY FRIEND, IS WHAT I CALL REAL TALENT. Because yes, I feel it right inside my guts that this manhwa will bring me somewhere I will never expect and I'm excited to go there with it.

         Okey Dokey, that's all for me today. I highly advise you to go and read it, trust me you will not regret it and I will see you soon for another discovery.

                                          Peace and Love
Manhwa source: Lezhin
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