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The Sanctuary of Yuri and Yaoi





    Alternative Name: N/A
     Demographic: N/A
     Genre(s): Yuri, Adult, Webtoons
     Author(s): SIRIUS
    Artist(s): Chesire
    Available : Manhwa scan, Lezhin
    Type: Manhwa
      Summary: As far as anyone can tell, Jaehee is a shy, hard-working high school teacher. Once she's behind closed doors and drawn curtains, Jaehee enjoys spending her time kneeling at the end of a whip. And no one enjoys holding the handle more than her childhood friend, Huilin.
But, when Sulhwa starts her position as a student-teacher at the school, secrets and feelings long buried start to surface. Now, Jaehee's about to learn just how much pleasure she can pull from pain.
      PPOV (Personal Point Of View): Hello dear Busta Gang, hope you are having a good day, today I'll present you one amazing manhwa that I've been reading for a while now called Lilith by Sirius and Chesire.
        Firstly, this is a great resource of knowledge if you want to know more about the world of BDSM, the manhwa is not doing too much like some other manhwa can do while talking about this subject. The roles are explained, the activities are well arranged and perfectly presented.
        In fact, I discovered this manhwa randomly and when I realised it was centred by BDSM, I thought it would be awesome to know more about this world that is completely unknown to me. And seriously I'm not deceived, it's amazing and extremely funny and the plot is just wonderfully written and the drawings are blasting. I highly advise you to read this manhwa if you are curious about this world or just a usual reader of this type of subject.
        Alright, that's all for me today, hope you enjoyed this short moment together and I'll see you soon for another discovery.
                            Peace and Love
Manhwa: Lilith
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