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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi






  Alternative Name: None


     Demographic: Josei


     Genre(s): Yuri, Drama, Psychological, Smut


     Author(s): Gado


    Artist(s): Gado


    Available : Lezhin


    Type: Manhwa or Webtoon


      Summary: Dahye is still haunted by the abuse she got from Yeonhwa. Fate has it, Dahye is able to carry out her revenge after so many years. In what ways will Dahye get her revenge, and will Yeonhwa be even affected by it?


    PPOV: Holly shit, I am so excited to be back on track guys AND girls, and that’s not only because I’m back on the blog, it’s also because of this new article that I’m about to present to you. So, stay tune people for this amazing manhwa that came out for this new year and that some of you (me included) will be FREAKING ecstatic to read. Alright, without further due, let’s jump right into the tea.


                 Hello everyone, my name is Kayfrid’s memory and I’ll be introducing to you the coming back of Gado with this new manhwa called White Angels Have No Rest!


             Hell yeah, you read it correctly people, White Angels Have No Rest is the continuation of the famous and incredible manhwa White Angels Have No Wings. I was bloody excited when I discovered this manhwa, and even more ecstatic when I saw the shipping that we were getting in it. After all this time we are finally having a story centred on Yeonhwa and Dahye and HOLLY CHICKEN NUGGET things are going CRAZY.


                   Although, I felt really bad with the end of the previous volume, I definitely wasn’t expecting it to have a second volume coming soon. But guess what, I am super happy about this new volume and for what I have read up to now, I can tell you that THIS SHIT IS GOING TO BE GOOD.


                    So, grab your tea (or coffee for the heretics) and run right away to Lezhin (link down below) to read it as fast as possible.


The storyboard


                    As usual, Gado has done a great job with the storyboard. Dahye is even more obsessed than ever with Yeonhwa and she’s determined to make her revenge, and what a revenge people. I’m actually looking forward to where the story will lead us, because Dahye is on FIRE.


The graphics


              Without a single doubt, the drawings are still astonishing as they were on the first volume, there’s definitely nothing to say about that. You will still get the same visual experience as they were on the 1st volume.


                   In conclusion, go get your hands and eyes on this manhwa and enjoy the experience to the fullest. If you want to see more articles like this one, subscribe to my newsletter and come back next Saturday for another discovery.


                                                 Peace and Love

Lezhin: White Angels Have No Rest

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