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        Personal Point Of View ( PPOV ): HOLA! como estas?
         Ladies and Gentlemen today i present you the lovely and marvelous manhwa in the world Fluttering Feelings AKA Exiciting Feeling. For those who don't know, exciting feeling is a Webtoon which i consider at the same level as What Does The Fox Say? ( WDTFS ) and let me tell you why;
         Firstly, in this manhwa we follow a realistic scenario, what i mean about that is we don't have like other fictions where after 2 or 5 chapters the characters are already aware of thier feelings and confess to each other. Here we are more in a developing story, where our heroines are going step by step for the attractions that they have for each other.
        For me I think it is more realistic than falling in love with someone and we directly know that it is love that we feel. But that doesn't mean that all other fictions who propose the rapid improvement in the relationship are not good though.
        They have their own charm and that's what make them beautiful. So for today that was it, if you wanna read the manhwa, you can go on where you usually read your favorite manga/manhwa/manhuaI hope you enjoyed this short moment together and i wish to see you for another discovery.
                           Thank you and see ya!           
         Alternative Name: ときめく気分; 怦然心情; 설레는 기분; Exiciting Feeling ; Sŏllenŭn Kibun
          Demographic: Shoujo Ai
          Genre(s): Psychological, Slice Of Life, Webtoons
          Author(s): Ssamba
          Artist(s): Ssamba
          Available: manhwa ( manhwa = manga, but the korean version )
The story of two people brought together by the fluttering feelings that they know nothing about.
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