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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi



             Anime has been hanging around for a while now and even more, it has taken into a lot of popularity for a long time. The universe of anime is counting a lot of fans that are really passionate, and because of that passion, you may want to jump right in to the world of animation.

             Nonetheless, there are some little things you need to know dear fellow before you jump in to the AMAZING WORLD OF ANIME. My name is Kayfrid’s Memory, subscribe to read more articles like this one, share with your friends and welcome to the Busta Jungle.
I – They have weird static hairs

Yep, you heard it right. In some anime, you will find the characters having static hairs. No matter the situation, fighting scenes, jumping scenes, loving scenes, doesn’t matter their hairs will stay static. So, yeah. Who would want to watch something in which the hair of the characters doesn’t come and disturb their face every two seconds? it’ll be really stupid to enjoy an anime while all the characters have static hairs in every single fighting scenes. That will really be devastating, very OUTRAGEOUS.

           Can you imagine, you will not be able to enjoy a whole anime, either it’s a shonen, a yuri, a seinen you name it. You will completely be disappointed by just this single detail of hairs not moving around, IT’S SO SAD. Why do they do that to us. I say, we should protest and make a revolution!
Next, we have…
II – The fighting scenes are too realistic
     Ow sorryyyy, we weren’t aware that you were a CHICKEN! Yes, you are going to fine a lot of fighting scenes that are really realistic, either with the fighting art that the characters are using or with the blood shade that are kind of SO REAL. What a shame, it’s so sad that anime are putting real things for our kids and adults out there watching their show every single day. That most be seriously terrifying to know that when you will watch an anime, you will be emotionally connected to the characters, to the story and even to all the struggles they will go through (including the fighting scenes, which are by the way very amazing). Really, if you don’t want to experience that, you really shouldn’t start watching anime, you will surely get depress and go sing under the rain all naked.
Next, we have….
III – your too old to watch anime


That’s right! Old people no matter the age shouldn’t be able to watch anime. THEY SHOULD BE BANISH FROM EARTH TO AVOID ANY RECIDIVIST, because yes, adults are horrible people who doesn’t merit to watch any single anime showN in their lives. Like seriously, why will an ancestor will want to watch something that will make him/her super happy, having a fun time just watching a stimulating show.
              Why will they want to watch something that will teach them a lot of new things about a culture, a city, a country, a new way of thinking and even more, bring them a new family of passionate people. Yep, that’s definitely not for them. Love, fun, pleasure and a lot of adoration for a new world filled with possibilities.
            As a conclusion, this are all the reasons why you shouldn’t start watching anime, if you feel like you relate to those reasons, well you should know that YOU ARE REALLY STUPID IF YOU THINK THERE’S A REASON FOR YOU NOT TO WATCH ANIME. Fuck everyone, if you watch to watch anime and you are 60 years old, well WATCH IT! No one should ever forbid you for doing what you like, especially if it’s about anime. It’s an incredible world and we need more people. So, if you want to be part of a beautiful huge family, we will be happy to welcome you in.
         Anyways, that’s it for me today. Thank you for this short moment we spent together, my name is Kayfrid’s Memory and I hope to see you next time for another discovery.
                            Peace and Love
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