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    Alternative Name: N/A
     Demographic: Shoujo Ai
     Genre(s): Romance, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy
     Author(s): Color_LES
    Artist(s): Color_LES
    Available : Webtoons
    Type: Manhwa or Webtoons
      Summary: Adventurers seek to take the demon queen’s head, but a young female mage wishes to take her hand.

    PPOV (Personal Point Of View): Hello wonderful Gang, nice to see you and hope you are having a great day. Today, I'll present to you a webtoon that I recently discovered and that I already adore. So, let me introduce you to Maga and Devil Queen by Color_LES.

    First of all the drawings bro, it's just cool and simple. It's not to much into the details and I love it, of course they will be sometimes where I will love detailed drawing but for this one, I'm fine with it. Next, I'll give you a brief description of the character to avoid spoilers of course. Well, I genuinely appreciate the characters, they are all so funny and pretty much unique, they can make the show all by themselves. I also have some secret desire to see two of my favorite character fight to see who will win or if there will be a draw, I'm pretty sure it will be so fun (hint; the two I want to see in a fight, is one member of the queen's guard and one of my favorite mages, another hint; she's a girl. Well that's all I can say ;))

     Overall, I really appreciated this webtoon and I hope it will continue to it's end, no matter what it will be. That's it for me today, hope you appreciated this short moment together and I'll see you soon for another discovery.

                     Peace and Love
Manhwa source; Webtoons
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