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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi




    Alternative Name: Падение Дьявола
     Demographic: Yuri
     Genre(s): Supernatural, Romance, Comedy, Mature
     Author(s): Nanao Grey
    Artist(s): Nanao Grey
    Available : Manhwa
    Type: Manhwa
      Summary: One day, Joan, a young and sexually frustrated jobseeker, wakes up from a highly erotic dream only to discover that the star of that dream, a she-devil, is lying on her living room floor. So what does she do? Ask her to be her roommate, of course! With Lakam, a civil servant from Hell, she gets to enjoy all the perks of having a beautiful and perfect roommate. Large breasts, a wonderful physique, she even helps with the chores! But Lakam seems a bit too perfect. Is this arrangement truly a match made in heaven…or the beginning of hell on Earth?

         PPOV (Personal Point Of View): Hey dear Busta Gang, hope you are doing well. Today, I'll introduce to you a manhwa that I've been reading for a while now called Devil Drop by Nanao Grey. Let's go…

        So, what to say. I can try to convince you by saying that the author has an amazing talent and that you are focus to the edge when reading this manhwa, at the same time I can also say that there is a really light weather flying over this manhwa, it's just confortable and sometime you just don't give a fuck of what's wrong or what's right. You will surely feel weird when you see some scenes but next thing you know, you are laughing your lungs out just because of how stupid and clumsy the main character can be.

         Eventually you will find yourself want to go an read something else, but will still come back to continue reading because it's just so stupid and that you will have no other reason to not read it (unless you are like me and you have 5 whole pages on your manga list that you have to read, if so, I feel you bro/sis). But yeah, that's it. That's all what I wanted to tell you about this manhwa, short huh? Yeah I know, but some times it's better to not say much and leave those who want to read , read.

            Alright, that's it for me today, hope you had a great time with me and that you enjoyed this short moment together. Hope to see you soon for another discovery.

                        Peace and Love
     Or you can leave a comment below and share some other manga/manhwa/manhua that you will like me to talk about.
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