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          Alternative Name: ポプテピピック; Pop Team Epic; Poptepipic


          Demographic: Seinen


          Genre(s): 4 Koma, Comedy, Slice Of Life


          Author(s): Ookawa Bukubu


         Artist(s): Ookawa Bukubu


        Available : Manga & Anime series


        Type: manga


"There is no darkness, but ignorance." -William Shakespeare Popuko - 14 year-old, short. Pipimi - 14 year-old, tall. Currently being translated at danbooru.


      PPOV (Personal Point Of View): Hi dear Busta Gang, hope you all good and that yo are having a great day. If not, then this anime is for you. Today I will present to you an incredible anime called Poputepipikku by Ookawa Bukubu.


            I personally don't have much to say for this anime, but I find it so weird, hazardous and funny that I needed to share it with you. It's not something bad and it will definitely bright your day up.


           I personally found it super energizing and I liked every episode of it. However, this is all what I had for you today, hope you enjoyed this moment together and that you will go and check it out (links down below) and don't forget to subscribe if you like what is on my blog. It was nice talking to you and I will see you soon for another discovery.


                       Peace and love


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