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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi




           Alternative Name: N/A
          Demographic: N/A
          Genre(s): Yuri, Drama 
          Author(s): Team Gaji
         Artist(s): Team Gaji
        Available : Manhwa
        Type: Manhwa 
         Summary: Two girls, Yun-Cho-Ul and Ju Ah Ah, spend one night together and have to confront the next morning. While both developed feelings for each other because of their long friendship, they always hid it. Now that the abscess is burst, what is going to become of their relation?

      PPOV: Hey Gang! Hope you are having a nice day. Well today I'll talk about Pet's Aesthetics by Team Gaji.

           Yep, you read it very well, Team Gaji, the author of What Does The Fox Say?, due to some recent problems that I spoke about in Fact News #20, Team Gaji started AND finished their new manhwa called Pet's Aesthetics that is featured in the same world as WDTFS.

         As an undoubtable fan that I am of their work (because yes, it is a team if you didn't get by now), I read PA (Pet's Aesthetics) and was really surprised of its length. It's pretty short, but you fine if don't have much time in your hands.

       Now, that was one bad point there, but there is not much to say that was negative. I don't know why or maybe it is a fetish of them, but why does every blond of their manhwa are cold and heartless? Was the team traumatize by a blond or is there a hatred towards blond girls or something. I'm just trying to understand, but that's just for my personal curiosity of course.

       In general, I did not find the manhwa bad at all, there's this feeling of frustration that you feel all along the manhwa that will definitely not leave you indifferent and that's because you are put in the same position as the red hair girl (as usual, I'm not good with names) when she interact with the blond hair girl.

          Sincerely, you will not get bored if you read this manhwa and also if you are a fan of Team Gaji and it's great work and it is definitely a great way to discover it's work while waiting for the next chapters of WDTFS.

         Anyway, that's all for me today, hope you had a great moment on this blog. You can contact me if you have a suggestion on any manga/manhwa/ manhua and anime. Again, hope to see you for another discovery.

                 Peace and Love
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