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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi


           PPOV: Hello everyone and I hope you are all good. Today we will talk about this awesome manga and anime ( who is sadly finished on an improper note ) that I discovered last week and as you know  if you need to read or watch any anime before giving you any feedback.
                    However I already saw the anime which I am not satisfy with the ending at all, because they did trash on the ending to throw everything away. I know it can be hard for them to draw an anime under a short period of time but it doesn't meaning they need to just throw everything away like trash.
                    Anyways, I vividly recommend you to go an check out the manga where you usually read your manga, because it's more better than the anime even though I haven't read it yet, for what I've seen it's literally more better than the anime.   
                    So that's all for me today, don't forget to watch the video and the pictures of the anime down below, hope to see you for another discovery.
                                               Thank you and see ya !!!
           Alternative Name: Ловушка лжи; 捏造トラップ -NTR-; 捏造トラップ―NTR―; 捏造陷阱; 捏造Trap -NTR-; 날조트랩 -NTR-; NTR: Netsuzou Trap
          Demographic: Yuri
          Genre(s):Drama, Mature, Psychological, Romance, Tragedy
          Author(s):Kodama Naoko
          Artist(s):Kodama Naoko
           Available: Manga and Manga anime series
          Type: manga
Nervous about being alone with her new boyfriend, Takeda, Yuma insists that her once angelic childhood friend, Hotaru and Hotaru's boyfriend come along for a double date. But when Hotaru begins to touch Yuma and volunteers herself as "practice", Yuma feels inner turmoil as she enjoys the now devilish Hotaru's kiss more than Takeda's.
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