Alternative Name: 亲爱的; 亲爱的L
         Demographic: Shoujo Ai
          Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Yuri,
           Author(s): Jaeliu
           Artist(s): Jaeliu
           Available: Manhua
           Type: manhua
            Summary: Dr. Wei struggles after finding out that the girl she hooked up with was only sixteen years old, but somehow it's not as easy to avoid the girl as she had thought. Note: Keep in mind that the age of consent in China, where the manhua is set, is 14 years.
               PPOV (Personal Point Of View): hello everyone and hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today, I'll talk about another incredible Manhua that I'm still reading and waiting impatiently for his uploading, the first Manhua I wrote about was Tamen De Gushi, another sweet heart of mine.
                 Well, I'm super excited to talk about it now😆, so leggo. Firstly, let's start with the characters; super attractive, adorable, funny (as I always say, if an anime or Manga/Manhwa/Manhua is not funny, there's no way it can touch your heart. But of course it depends on the theme of the story.) and most of all the are all so attaching, that's so sweet.😚
                   Secondly, we have the art; what can say... The drawings... God... there are just WONDERFUL. Full of passion, love, energy and harmony, you can't just go through every chapters without even once admire in details the image in front of you, the emotions that are striking you from the bottom of your heart, you can't just go through all that beauty and call it a day.
                  This has to be glorified, touched, analysed, in every single sides of it. This is not just a GL manhua book where you will satisfy all you fantasies but a masterpiece that have to be taken with all the respect possible.
                   And thirdly the most important, the story line; let's be clear here. Yes, I know that the story is kind of pedophile, yes, I read it while I criticize Galaxy Express 999 for doing the same thing, yes, this is not fair and that can mean that I was a hater for nothing, yes, all of that is true, but just keep one thing in mind “ if you are not capable of assuming a subject that you include in your story, don't just include it in the first place.
                  Jaeliu took a risk, she/he talk about it and that's why it please. Not that it was an outrageous risk because in the manhua the age of consent in China is set to be 14 years, so it's totally fine and that's what Matsumoto Meiji couldn't do, assume the fact that he wanted to do a pedophile movie, but changed the physical appearance of the characters from their original state, that's what I find outrageous and that's what I can't accept. 
                  It is whether you do it or not, not that I find an excuse to do it because you want to. Anyways, this is all for me, hope you enjoyed it and you will go and check out the Manhua on your usual manga reader and I'll see you soon in another discovery.
                      Thank you and see ya!!!