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The Sanctuary for Yuri and Yaoi


           PPOV: Oh my oh my oh my, hope you people are doing well cause today I'll present you this fabulous manhwa. Before I continue I want to thank Enjelicious for drawing this manhwa, it's amazing!
                       I have to say, of all the yuri's that I saw, this one was the second talking about a sort of triangle love with such a lot of strategies and adorable characters and spectacular drawings almost same as What Does The Fox Say. Actually I can't choose whose my favorite character because the all have some dark side you will not really like, but the still have some kind of quality that will make your heart melt in second.
                     All what I have to say for this manhwa is that if you loved Citrus you will obviously love this manhwa too. So if you wanna read it go on Mangago ( link down below ) and don't forget to watch the picture and the video below. Hope to see you for another discovery.
                                             Thank you and see ya !!!!
           Alternative Name: N/A
          Demographic: Yuri
          Genre(s): Romance, Webtoons
          Author(s): Enjelicious
          Artist(s): Enjelicious
          Available: Manhwa ( Korean Version )
          Type: manhwa
A rich and beautiful girl, and the heiress to the GBS broadcasting center. A handsome aspiring news anchor with limitless ambitions. A gorgeous backstage producer with a secret. Three people with different goals and desires. A triangle love thriller that will keep you on the edge...
        Source: The Third Party
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