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                                                        THE LOVE DOCTOR


         Personal Point Of View: Hello everyone it's been a while. Sorry, kind of took some vacations. Ok today I will talk about this new manhwa that I discovered months ago and which took me a bunch of time deciding to write or not an article on it.

But I think I will not be able to say much about this manhwa cause it just handles in one word... AMAZING. It's really a wonderful manhwa with some romance, challenges and love. As always when I read a manhwa, manga or manhua, I look at the storyboard first and if the storyboard is good I will absolutely be into it.
I feel like describing you the feelings I had during my lecture will be totally useless and irrelevant. Although I'm super sad the manhwa came to an end, I will definitely never forget how great it was to read it every time an upload was made, so I really wish that you should stop by and read this manhwa for a while to know how I felt.
I really don't have much to say for this manhwa because of how amazing it is. But I think that if I had to compare it to another manhwa, i will definitely recall on Exiting Feelings, who is also one of the best shoujo-ai I read up til now. So I hope you will take some time to read it on MangaTown ( link down below )
so thank you and don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to receive news about my update and have the occasion to help me decide on the articles I post on this blog. See you for future discoveries.
Bye and see ya.



          Alternative Name: 이성연애박사; Master of Love


          Demographic:Shoujo Ai


          Genre(s):Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life






          Type: manhwa


From Lezhin: Jung Erae has no clue about relationships and men to the point where she drives every man away. Desperate, she seeks help and ends up contacting a love doctor, Cha Yoon. Strangely enough, Erae starts developing newfound feelings for this so-called doctor. Original Webcomic Official English Translation 


          See more at: MangaTown & Lezhin

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